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An overdose of Sildenafil need to be mentioned to your regional emergency center.

The factor lies in the mechanism of action of this drug: it influences certain enzymes in the physical body, which consequently enable even more blood to obtain in to the penile cells.

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Take the prescribed quantity of Viagra about 40-45 mins before you are planning to make love. Your medical professional needs to referred to as long as possible from your individual or family members clinical past to prescribe the ideal dose and maybe have some added tests done to develop the protection of Female Viagra in your case.

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Ladies taking this medicine experience an improved blood flow and sensitiveness in the vaginal region.

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The most vital ones include the health care problems you have and medicines you are using (or intending to be using).

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Priapism is a problem that can be called an extended and painful erection (lasting for longer than 4 hrs) that could be really dangerous as it can create damages to the cells of the penis.

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Unless your health care supplier recommended otherwise you are expected to take this medicine 30-60 minutes before making love, although the duration might be different for different ladies.